Day 0, September 9, 2000: The Longest Day

Three days rolled into one, actually. Up at 5AM, out of the house by 7, and down to Millersylvania State Park before 8 for the 21st annual Black Hills Triathlon. Cheryl chose to swim and bike, burt her knee precluded the run. She finished up just as Leigh and Craig, with Shaine made it to the finish line. I trotted through about 2 1/2 hours after I started, 3/4 mi swim, 30 mi bike, and about 5.2 of running. This was a "training" triathlon for me, part of my longer prep for the Florida Ironman in November.

Then down to Portland two hours later, to see Cody at Reed. He's a new man, in his new environment, and he seemed genuinely pleased to get our CARE package of a mattress, bicycle, cookies, and four adults infatuated with him. We ate at the Iron Horse, a Mexican place, to keep him happy. He tolerated us for 2 hours, then sent us on our way to Springfield/Eugene. There, we met up with the other four riders, John, Dave, Ken, and Mike. A brief reconoiter/orientation, some adjusting of expectations began, and we agreed to meet in the morning at IHOP, to bike away up the McKenzie at 8:30. I'll be taking first sag duties, giving me time to arrange a real web page for tomorrow. I hope.

Meanwhile, Cheryl met up with Catherine, her friend from the old days. We talked and reminisced as long as we could, but we were REALLY tired, having lived three days in the past 16 hours. So we sadly said good-by, and promised to check out her husband's mug of the billboard on the way out of town in the morning.

Miles: 30, at Millersylvania


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