If you're young and have no money, you don't worry about death or taxes. But gravity is always there to pull you down. With skiing, though, gravity gives you a lift. Gaining the ability to overcome a profound force of nature requires speed, grace, and reckless courage. From which comes hope, confidence, and the knowledge that life is actually fun.

If these stories didn't happen, they should have, or could have. After thirty years of sliding, who's to know anymore?

Road Trip - Originally titled, "How to Ski", it never actually gets around to any instruction. But it sure takes its time not getting there.

Baldy Chutes - Showing off in Alta, powder capital of the world. Written in 1980, which accounts for some of the geography and skiing terms.

Ann and Kat Go Skiing - A totally benign day on the slopes with two nine-year olds, when, defying all odds, everything went right.


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