Take a ride with us from Massachusetts to Washington - from a bicyclist's point of view!

We'll show you the Tin Man, the Leanin' Cowboy, the Cracked Tree, and other oddities which popped into our view, then slipped behind us on our trip. Come on along, and watch the corn grow, listen to the crickets, and feel the grasshoppers on your thigh. Then, in the evening, pull up to the RV, pop open a beer, and listen to Neil Young or the Spice Girls on the CD.

Settle in, click your way to the next picture, and, if you really like one, click on it and watch it grow!



Our trip starts at Plymouth Rock. Legend has it that actual Pilgrims actually stepped on this actual rock when disembarking from the actual Mayflower, when the Rock was actually in the water. Nowadays, it's imprisioned up on the sand, after having been chipped to one third its former size.


Sturbridge Village is another Living Museum, trying to re-create life in 1830. We must have hit the town just after a big party, because all we saw were people cleaning up.

After climbing into the Berkshires on July 4th, we reached a magic land, where the Tin Man seemed to come alive.


Every state seemed to have its own Plainfield, or Plainville, or (simply) Plain.They all had their Town Hall or Church, or other Main Building. Some were in better shape than others.


(South Coming Soon)