I've heard it said there are ten times as many sheep as people in New Zealand. Well, in Ohio - a small state with over 10,000,000 people - I'm sure there are 1,000 times more corn plants than people. And we must have ridden by all of them. In mid-July, you can (really) see the corn grow - up to 4 inches a day. Here's Annie in a field; watch the picture in two more weeks, when we put Will in the same type of picture. Ann is a shade under 4' tall, Will several inches over 6'.

Ann wasn't the only thing we saw in a corn field. We did a double take in Eastern OH, seeing this oil pump out there. But then we remembered they're making gasoline from corn nowadays - seems like they do the processing right in the field. (Actually, remember your history - the first oil extracted in the US was in Western Pennsylvania, not far that from where this picture was taken):

Ohio's pretty flat, so we got to do a lot of father/daughter tandem riding: