August 24 - The Wind Wins: Pomeroy to Othello, WA

This is what I saw when I finished dressing this morning, and got ready to bike. Within 15 minutes, the wind rose from 10-15, to gusts of over 40, and sustained at about 25-30. I could not bike against it.

And this is what I saw after waiting several hours for it to die down. It never did, so I gave up and rode with the kids to Othello. Along the way, we saw Monumental Gorge, and many other unknown scenic wonders of Central Washington.

I don't know. If I were all by myself, I would wait out the day at the State Park, and pick up the ride with one of the slack days I'd built into the schedule. But by this point, the kids are fixated on the August 27th return date. Knowing they are close enough to drive home in less than five hours, it is impossible to get them to wait with me. So I'll have to skip this section of the trip for now, and hope to come back to it later this month. maybe in some three-day weekend, self-supported fashion.

There's also the issue of being physically exhausted. My legs will only go in circle. When I'm not biking, they become locked into cramps, and when I ride for more than two hours, they turn limp. I don't know how able to keep going, but a final push of three days seems feasible with a day of rest.

**Next Day's Journal**

-Al Bikrutz

Miles: Al 0; Cheryl 0.

Total Miles: 3246