July 6 - Tandem Twins: Sylvan Beach, New York

Hey! It's Shaine again with my whiney sister , Ann (from cody: wait! they are BOTH whiny!) (Yeah, but you're BOSSY!) I know how much everyone loved my last journal, so I decided to please my audience and write another one. This time about looking exactly like my dad while riding the tandem.

Today, I rode 17 miles on the tandem with my dad. It was pretty good riding. Before I started riding, I was totally matching my dad except for one thing; I wasn't wearing the same shirt as him. Total bummer. But, then, I noticed that my mom was wearing the same shirt. I somehow managed to convince her that the shirt that I was wearing was much more prettier and clean. My mom couldn't resist my begging, so she handed over the green and yellow bike shirt with a picture of the world on the tummy, the words "Ride The Internet" at the top and the E-mail address tandem@hobbes(how fitting for our trip).

Along with the shirt, we were wearing identical black and white bike shorts, identical Nike Pooh- Bah clip-on bike shoes, matching Specialized Air Piranha helmets, white socks, matching forest green Camelbacks(although they weren't the same brand), and for the picture my mom took, identical Bolle sunglasses. All this matching made Will swear he didn't know us and speed a mile ahead of us. Naturally, we got lots of stares from people we passed, but I just stare and point back at them. I mean, I'm probably never gonna see them again in my life.

The only thing that wasn't matching were my wet shoes after I took a dip in the West Canada Creek. Boy was that refreshing!

There are too many bugs! Annie could barely get to sleep last night because the bugs were getting in her nose and ears and eating her alive. She was just fine for awhile, then, all of a sudden, she screamed bloody-murder(I'm sure the whole R.V. park heard her). Right into my ear! It took forever to calm her down, but in the end I lucked out. She ended up sleeping with my parents. Today Annie counted up all her bites and it totaled to 24! I'm still counting and I'm afraid of the results.

Miles: Will, 75; Al (on Tandem and Single), 75; Cheryl (on Tandem and Single), 52; Annie (on Tandem), 10; Shaine (on Tandem), 16

Total Miles: 367

**Next Day's Journal**

-Shaine Bikrutz