July 13 - Bumble Bee: Berlin Center, Ohio

For those of you who haven't been lucky enough to meet her, Patches is the most beautiful, sweet, adorable, huggable, kissable, feedable, petable tortie calico cat in the whole wide world and her mother<me> misses her immensely. In short, Patches is the greatest cat on Earth.

But my dad just informed me that people don't want to hear me brag about my precious kitty. He said that they want to hear about the people who we met last night( you will hear more about Patches, if you send us E-mail<at cedarhollow@earthlink.net> requesting to hear the rest of this story)<note from will:do NOT send sympathy e-mails cuz you nice people ruin it for the rest of us who like to bitch and moan and get our way and we dont want to hear about the friggin cat any more we are SICK of hearing about the cat thank you for your time and consideration:end note from will>. Ignore that last message because Will has no idea of what he's talking about. And plus, Patches is prettier that Will.<anorther note from will:any one who has seen my picture will know how ridiculous that argument is you dont even have to see a picture of the stuipd cat (acctually i dig cats butt that is no fun cuz then i cant argue with shaine): end note from will>will, this is MY journal, not yours, Patches is smarter than will.

By the way, my family is driving me bonkers(well everyone is driving everyone bonkers). In fact, my dad just told me that I have to write about something that I don;t particularly like to do. That would be biking in 95 degree weather with 99% humidity, then when I'm in the RV, there's barely any AC so I get hot and more sweaty and more annoyed with everyone else. That is something I definately DO NOT like and I would prefer not to elaborate on it.

Well, the people we met yesterday were from Youngstown, Ohio, and it wasn't like we had never met them before. You know that ever-so-famous picture that you can see right now (if you scrool up your screen) of us dipping our tires into the Atlantic Ocean ? Well a friendly tourist/farmer from Youngstown, Ohio took that ever-so-famous picture that you can see right now (if you scroll up your screen) of us dipping our tires into the Atlantic Ocean. His name is George and he visited us last night with his two daughters, Annie(14) and Katie(almost 12).

I thought it was great to have some contact with the outside world and to have some social interaction with people of the same age group. We discussed everything from white-water rafting to watches. Now Annie wants to come live with us so she can get away from the heat and have a skiing mountain within driving range (they love skiing). In fact Annie reminded me of my little sister Annie. Someone who loves any, and all, sports. Katie likes to cook (I think) and she told me how to make a shortcake that she is almost positive will get 1st place at their local fair. I'm sure tastes delicious. They both do a lot of 4-H which sounds like fun (I wanted to do 4-H with horses but my parents vetoed the idea). Annie raised a cow through 4-H named Patches. Since all Patches are the best, I'm sure that Patches <the cow> is the bestest cow on Earth. we talked about how mean it was for people to vote "NO" on the levy (their school levy failed once too) and to take away sports and other after-school activities. I'll bet that if kids could vote, the world would be a better place because we would vote for the stuff that would make our childhood more pleasant, thus making us better adults, thus making us more willing to take care of the now middle-aged folks when they get old and need more help. I'm getting a little off-track here.

Other people need to use the computer now so I'd better wrap it up (which is rather hard for me to do).

As for Patches, the three-year legacy continues.

Miles: Will, 77; Al, 77; Cheryl, 35; Ann, 16; Shaine, 16.

Total miles: 752.

**Next Day's Journal**

-Shaine Bikrutz