June 19 - Will's First Journal: Snowmass Village, Colorado

hello my name is will this si my journal preety grooovy huh any way i would have rittin this earier butt the rest of my traveling companions are computer hogers so this it the first chance i have had to rite. so what do i rite about hmmmmmmmm well im in snowmass butt you prabably know that if you have read the other journals and if you havn't thanks for reading mine first though by now im sure your regreting it butt oh well im sorry so enough about me how are you doing? oh wait this is my journal so scratch that last question. any way for the past couple of days ive just been hangin out and going on training rides with al (training is a key element i forgot to do befor i left) butt i have found out that i'm not in as bad shape as i thought so that is preety groovy. wellnow science i cant think of any thing to say ill go into more detail butt you know what (and scnce you cant answer me ill tell you) im a reallly bad typer so i really dont want to go into detail butt scince you actually took the time to read this ill do it just for you. well to day we biked halk way up inependance pass which all together involves about 4000 vertical ft of climbing butt we only went up half way beacause al wanted to turn around butt you really cant blame him you know he is gettin old and all so i have to cut him a little slack well that and if he were to keel from a hart attack (as men his age <ya know 150ish> are prone to do) then who would drive so any way that is preety much the extent of my day so im going to go now butt ill rite more jurnal entries later (that is if the computer hogs ever let me so bye for now.

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