June 21 - Cody's First Journal: visiting the Gateway Arch

Well, as far as I'm concerned, the trip is pretty much over: I have seen the gateway arch, again. One of my first memories was visiting the arch in 1984, at the age of 3. We were on bother semi-crosscountry trip, tracing visiting past lives of my parents; my dads home in Cincinnati (which had a black sports car parked in front of it, it was also on a hill), and St Louis, with this thing called an arch. I remember being absolutely amazed by the way the elevator worked: It started off at a 45º angle, and it made this noise kuchunk-chunk as it made its way up, bouncing back and forth as it leveled out. I remembered being amazed that on one side of there was a city, and on the other side water, just water (it was foggy that day, and you couldn't see past the Mississippi. I ran back and forth, back and forth, I just couldn't get over it. Well, it looks almost exactly like it did, the early 80's look to the place has been replace by an early 90's look. I know this hasn't been the most interesting journal, but oh well. More on my early memories when we get to North Vernon, Cincinnati and South Dakota...

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-Cody Bikrutz