June 27 - Postcard from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Greetings! Today is a beautiful summer day. Biked from Warwick Woods campground through Amish country. Saw some of the most well-tended and ordered farmland I've ever seen. Large farmhouses, larger barns, and tall, round silos surrounded by acres of neatly planted corn, wheat, vegetables of all kinds. Laundry hung neatly out to dry; dark, long pants with dark, long pants, dresses with dresses, shirts with shirts, socks with socks. Roadside fresh fruit and vegetable stands tended by farm women. Some stands offered well-stitched, heirloom quality quilts and home-canned relishes, chow-chow, bread and butter pickles, apple butter, pumpkin butter. In fields, people working the land; a woman and several boys bending over to harvest, a man working a plow pulled by horses. We shared the very gently rolling roads with skirted and hatted women riding bicycles, bearded men young and old pushing along on scooters, boxy black carriages pulled literally by horsepower. Didn't bring my camera but the best photo of the day was of three children taking a buggy ride, passing us as we rested. Driving the open-topped buggy was a13 year old black-hatted, dark-haired boy holding the reins from the right seat. An 8 year old straw-hatted, blonde lad sat on the left. In the middle was a little 4 year old blonde girl, hair pulled neatly back from her face. Shaine called out, "You have a really beautiful horse!" The children turned sweet and smiling faces to us, the driver replying as they trotted along, "Why, thank you!" Words spoken in an accent I can't identify. Smells as we biked along: pine, clover, manure, and honeysuckle. The honeysuckle won.

I'd come back.

**Next Day's Journal**

-Cheryl Bikrutz