June 29 - Will becomes one with his food: Plymouth, MA

Well, before I start my second profound and insightful journal entry, I would like to apologize for the lack of journals over the past few days butt we had some problems with our computer power supply, so we were unable to either update our web page or check our electronic mail. And to all of our faithful readers out there (well, I probably should be speaking in singular tense butt you know me, the eternal optimist) who wait for our journals with baited breath, you should probably brush your teeth <tee,hee> (get it, baited <fish bait> breath). Anyways, all sophmoric humour aside, I am truly sorry for the delay and now on to my journal entry.

Today I (me<i> being Will if you have not figured that out already) have a more somber topic to discuss in my journal (and being that my past journal had no topic what-so-ever, that is not very hard to do). That topic is death, and more specifically, the death of our crustacaen friends, The Lobsters. Today for dinner we have purchased four very much alive chicks (the sexist impications of this name for the smaller lobster I will discuss at a later date) lobsters. The first dilemma we had was in buying- the fact that the nice people would not kill them for us as is typically done for Cheryl (me never having purchased a lobster before) at her local Safeway (this is not a plug for Safeway as I <I being my famly> shop at the competing QFC across the street, butt I felt it nescessary to include the place just to include some background information) [Special Bulletin:Cody has just informed me that they have been shopping at both places since Safeway was remodeled and is now too big<more info. on these traitors later>]. So I, being a guy who considers himself a generally nice guy and also someone who generally believes in animal rights, decided that, no, we could not kill a living creature, butt when I thought further into this dilemma, I realized that (as I am not myself a vegan) I kill animals every day. I just do not do it myself and, upon further contemplation, I realized that I am perhaps copping out of my obligations as a meat eater to understand that the implications of what I am doing and to understand the actions that have led up to my meal. I decided then, that to fulfill my obligations as a meat eater, I must kill those lobsters if I am to possibly eat them with a clear conscience. So now I am off to partake in a ritual that should be a part of every carnivore's life at one time. Butt I shall be back to eleborate on my emotions following the deed.

That was perhaps the most horrible thing I have ever done in my entire life. I (though I have never claimed myself to be a vision of manlyness, I am not an enormous wuss <well actually i am butt that makes for less impact so disregerd that>) was forced to turn away in not nescessarily revoltion, butt in perhaps deference to the life I had just ended. I could not sit there and watch him in his death throughs. and one last note, almost never have i gotten both phisical and emotion fulfillment from a meal and this was one of those rare times and though i would never again put my self through that ordeal again i would suggest it to any other carnivor as a rather eye opening experience.

one further note from will: to my avid supporters im sorry for the speeling of the prvious documnt buttttttttt they made me do it by pronouncing it "unreadable" and othr souch rubbish.

The following is a translation of the previous sentence by Cody: I'm sorry everything is spelled correctly, but what I wrote was unreadable because of the poor spelling.

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