June 29 - Visiting Plymouth Plantation

Hi, I'm Shaine a.k.a. super girl. My parents told me that I had to write a journal about Plimouth Plantation. So here it goes.

I was really excited about going to Plymouth because I'm really interested in Pilgrims and the Mayflower and stuff. Plus, my dad told me that I was a descendent of a Mayflower voyager/pilgrim, Francis Eaton. Then my dad told me that we were going to a place called Plimouth Plantation. When I asked him what that was, he told me that it's a place where people recreate what Plymouth would've been like in the year 1627. Everythying is exact. The clothes, houses, accents, people who would've lived there, ideas and political views. So, naturally, I was just itching to go. I was the first person at the ticket booth and I asked the lady at the counter if she knew if Francis Eaton was there. She said she wasn't sure. That made me very disapointed.

I went to the village thinking that we probably wouldn't see Francis. The first person we saw was a man outside the gates chopping wood, so I sat down to talk to him and ask questions. Soon my family came along. We talked to the man for awhile and then I asked him who he was. I'll give you one guess. It was Francis Eaton! Both me and my mom were so surprised that we gasped and jumped backwards. Francis looked very surprised to see such a reaction. Then when I told him that he was my great great great great great great etc. grandpa, this is exactly what he said, "You must be confused, if I am your relative, then you must be a cousin of some sort beause none of my children are even grown yet."

Talk about staying in character. We took lots of pictures of him and asked him some of the questions that Ida (my grandma) wanted us to ask him.

After that, we toured the town and talked to the locals. Some of our favorite characters were these two ladies who were sisters and they really had their act down! There was no one in their house when we came in, but they were stitching and gossipping nontheless. It was really funny because when you asked them a question, they would both try to answer and then start bickering about the answer. What was really funny was when one of them used the word "over-refridgerate" and then this lady with an afro and a southern accent tried to correct them by telling them that they didn't have fridges in the 17th century. Well, they informed her that refridgerate ment to cool. Then, the more bold one told her that her English was OK, but everything gets better with practice.The southern lady left the room with red cheeks!

You know how I want to be an actress? Well, I'd like my job to be Christian Eaton at Plimouth Plantation. She's the mother of my ancestor, Rachel. I'd get to do an accent. make up my character, and get into history, which I really love.

-Shaine Bikrutz

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