Hello my name is will, though you probably already know that cuz you had to klick on my name to get here butt oh well, any way I'm going to tell you a little about my self lets see I'm six feet two inches (give or take two inches or so) and I am just totally cut from my pulsing pectorals past my rippling abs and down to my throbbing quads (I've been told that my calves leave a little to be desired butt oh well) so if you are a woman, I have nothing against gay people it just does not float my boat(contrary to popular belief), feel free to send me some e-mail to help entertain me during my two months with this family.

Any way now on to my relationship with thees guys well it started wwwwwwwaaaaayyyyyyyy back on a dark and stormy afternoon (well it wasn't so dark butt it was stormy as one finds it is most of the afternoons in the glorious north west) when my mother decided I needed more friends so she bundled me up in a rain coat and we set off on a journey that would change our lives forever (du du lu dunnnnnn). So we set off into the woods that seperated mine and Cody's house. As soon as we set foot in to the woods we knew something was horribly wrong. Something was there something lurking just beyond sight you could feel its eyes boring into the back of your neck butt as soon as you turned it was gone. Soon every tree began to look the same and we realized with horror that we going in inexorable circles it was a this moment that true fear crept into our harts. Then breaking through the mist came the house. Glorious relief flooded through us as we ran towards it and into the open arms of Cody's mom.

Well that's how I remember it and any way my moms version is a lot shorter and really boring.

So after that ordeal Cody and I became bestest of friends and that brings us to my current situation well I am currently enrolled (sort of) in tenth grade at an evil school that calls it self Charles Wright Academy who are currently violating my first amendment right to free speech by suspending me so in turn I might not pass all my classes so I might end up not going on this trip (my parents stipulation) butt that's not going to happen so lets not think about it.

Lets now discus my athletic carrier. Started out getting serious about biking on my mountain bike and soon discovered what great transportation a bicycle is and almost as soon as I made that wonderful discovery I made another, how hard it is to ride a mountain bike on the road. So I soon bought an old beat up touring bike and realized the unending joys of the road bike. Also I am part of the greater Tacoma area crew (rowing) team and I have been for the past three years butt again my crew career is currently on hold as a result of the school violating my rights. And my other love (a side from beautiful women) is skiing alpine skiing that is I just dig it and have been diggin' it for the past eleven or so years.

So here ends our foray into the man (contrary to popular belief) that is will bye now.