We hope to have 6-12 adults on this trip, and as many children as we can tolerate. For every 6-8 adults, we'll bring along one Support And Gear (SAG) vehicle, supplied by the participants. A large SUV (we'll be taking our old style Suburban as SAG #1) works best for this. We'll take turns driving the SAG wagons. Hopefully, this will result in each of us taking one day off from riding during the course of the tour.

We'll assign the drivers on a volunteer basis each day. The main tasks of the driver will be:





You should count on taking a bag or pannier along with you on the bike, to carry clothes, repair items, cameras, extra food, etc. Tents and sleeping bags can be stuffed into the SAG. And a small bag or duffel should cover the rest of your stuff.

Remember, this is summer in California; it's unlikely we'll encounter rain, or temperatures below 55 F, even at night. But fog, wind, and sun all might be factors.

One set of "good" clothes would come in handy if we do go into town. Laundry stops will probably be made several times along the way for sweaty bike clothes.



We'll have reservations for two campsites at each campground. Additional sites will be available at "hiker/biker" sites, if needed. Each campground may have different rules for how many tents can occupy each site, but 2 sites is the maximum they'll allow one person to reserve. Campsite reservations for CA State Parks for July 1999 will be taken on their reservation line (see the campground web sites) starting January 2nd. If we know we'll need or want more than two sites at that time, someone else might need to make additional reservations.



There are several things we might want to make time for during the trip: in Santa Cruz (roller coaster), Monterey (Aquarium, 17 mile drive), Heasrt Castle (this requires advance reservations), and LA attractions (take your pick). The route description shows a day off for Disneyland; this is for illustrative purposes only. If no one wants that, we won't do it.


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