We'll be staying each night at a California State Park, on the Beach (except for two nights in Orange County, when we'll be staying at a luxury RV park in Newport Beach). Most parks have hot showers and either ocean views or camping at the beach. Their rules only allow 2 sites to be reserved by an individual, with a maximum of 8 people and two cars per site. So at present, we have reserved campsites for 16 people and up to 4 cars. The parks also have "hiker/biker" sites, which don't require a reservation, but do cost about $7 per person, if we have any overflow. Of course, one could always try to make further reservations at the parks, if needed.

I've got reservation numbers for each site, and the total cost so far for the above, excluding Pismo Beach and Newport is $365 (this is California, on the beach, remember.) We'll make a final accounting based on actual use at the end of the trip.

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