Day 4 Porpoise Bay to Miracle Beach Provincial Park

A night rain of continuing into morning along with giant jet-black slugs crawling over tents and gear greeted the BAB group. This was to be the day of riding with a purpose: be there to catch the ferry, on time, or suffer the consequences of a late arrival into camp. It dawned on some of the "tourist riders" that covering 38 miles before 10:20 am was really in their best interests. Despite this fore knowledge, two of the more notorious tourists, "Stop and smell the roses John" and "Double short cappucino Ken", began their journey to Earl's Cove ferry terminal at 7:45 am.

Cold rain and wind while proceeding over long climbs and descents - not exactly the conditions for achieving record time - yet that would be the requirement for covering this distance in 150 minutes. At about 9 miles out from Earl's Cove and 30 minutes until Ferry Departure, it became apparent that they would not make it on their own. Miraculously, Helen and Louise in the truck and camper respectively, appeared out of the mists at about that point and time. The clenched fist, the universal signal of distress for supported cyclists, plus lots of arm waving caused Thelma (Helen) and Louise to stop and graciously give them and their bicycles a motorized ride to the ferry.

On the ride over to the next leg of our ferry to ferry race. Steven and Al figured out a way to use the boat's ventilation system to dry their socks, while Margaret, Dave and Pat enjoyed the warmth from the boiler room off the car deck level.

The next leg of the ride involved a 20 mile hilly ride to Powell River with mostly sunny skies. It was strickly, move along quickly and catch the 1:15 pm ferry or take your time and wait for the 5:30 pm. All of the BAB group successfully boarded the earlier ferry. (Scenery?, what scenery?)

On board the ferry to Comox, the BAB group quickly took over the entire bow section of the ferry cabin. Soon every available surface in the sun was festooned with cycle clothing - shoes, socks, rain gear, booties, etc. The carpeted floors were covered with resting cyclists - content in the knowledge that they would be in camp before dinner.

Courtesy of John Hornby

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