And now, for The rest of the Story - June 27th - re. the 11 of us who chose

not to join "the race" and took the alternate leisurely route to Victoria.

It all began by a change of pace in the quaint town of Ganges. We found

time to mingle with the local artisans, sample ice cream and lattes, and

joined in the art of people watching.

On a previous day when Alf followed us onto the Mazda lot in Oak Harbor to

see if we were okay, he insisted that this was NOT a shopping tour.

However, in Ganges we proved otherwise when we hit the Artists Co-op and

added a great deal to the local economy. Funny thing, we did the same

thing on our one day off in Victoria!!!

More ice cream was to be had just prior to catching the 2:05 ferry to

Sidney where, again, the group felt the need to shop at a local bike store.

Jerseys, maps and route information was gratefully acquired. Jim, at the

head of the pack with map in hand, led us through the scenic coastal route,

biking only two miles on Highway 17. The group amazingly stayed together

in spite of Jim's flat, newly matted road, and a short, unpaved bike trail.

We enjoyed scenic Cordova Bay, Mt. Douglas Park, biked through an

exclusive wooded neighborhood, along Arbutus Cove, Queeswood Drive and down

to Cadboro Bay. At this point, we finally succumbed to Alf's pleas for

water and food. As one might guess, Jim and Pat gladly found an inviting

spot, al fresco style. (see Al's photo op) As you can see, they took us by

complete surprise, jumping out of the car, acting like papparazzi. We

definitely apprciated Al and Tom's concern for our pack of 11 and after

accepting cookies, we sent them after the rest.


While the three of us supped, the remaining pack headed for the barn.

After refreshing our bodies and spirits, we continued on passing the Royal

Victoria Yacht Club, Cattle Point, and Oak Bay. Alf then wanted to show us

the Victoria/Oak Bay Golf Club with its gorgeous gardens. Naturally, we

found it necessary to strike up a conversation with the well-dressed and

even talked them into a photo with us to show the contrast in dress and


On then to McNeil Bay, Gonzales Bay, Ross Bay, Beacon Hill Park and into

downtown where we were piped in by a marvelous bagpipe on the corner. Our

reception from the folks at the Selkirk House with iced beer and snacks

was definitely worth the 102 miles. Yes, Pat finally got in her century


Courtesy Pat Harrington

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