July 5 - Al bikes a lot: Somewhere in eastern New York(I'm too lazy to look it up-cody)

Cody said I had to write a journal entry today, so this is it:

We rode 94 miles today. The wind was strong from the West. We got separated from each other twice, but met up at the check points as planned. I had Key Lime frozen yogurt milkshake at a Stewart's Shop, and it was good. At camp that night, the RVers put on a "backyards" fireworks display at the pond which went on for over an hour. Annie was pleased. I'm exhausted, but ready to go again, hopefully not as far. If I'd gone 20 fewer miles, I might have been able to write something worth reading, but this is all you get today.

Miles: Will, 94; Al, 94 (on Tandem and single); Cheryl, 54 (on Tandem and single); Shaine, 22 (on Tandem).

Total Miles: 292

**Next Day's Journal**

-Al Bikrutz