Eight of us took off from Eugene, Oregon on September 10th for a circumnavigation of the central Oregon Cascades. Cheryl and I, with my sister Leigh, and her husband Craig (owner of Oceanside Photo and Telescope in North County, San Diego) drove down the day before, and met up with Dave and John, from Gig Harbor, John's brother in law Ken, from Puyallup, and a former colleague of their's, Mike, who now lives near Albequerque. It turned out we were a compatible group, and had little trouble suporting each other, and enjoying the down time off bikes. Each evening,, I wrote a brief journal of the day's activities, with pictures; the last two days were written after the fact, as my laptop power supply cord got shredded.


This might be a map of our trip (Triangle represent each night's stay.)

The pictures are represented by links in the journal. If I get ambitious, I might put small versions into the text. Bur for now, just hit "Back" to return to the text.


Day 0: Saturday, Sept 9

Day 1: Sunday, Sept 10

Day 2: Monday, Sept 11

Day 3: Tuesday, Sept 12

Day 4: Wednesday, Sept 13

Day 5: Thursday, Sept 14

Day 6: Friday, Sept 15

Day 7: Saturday, Sept 16