68 years down the road: you never know where you are until you get there. I document the journey. Occasional postings of my thoughts on culture, politics, triathlon, and travel.

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– Al Truscott

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  1. don hoover says:

    I’m wishing you the very best as well as keeping you in prayer. I’ll be in Oklahoma City again this coming week to visit my ailing mother but would love to come by to say hi to you after 10/18. Please send me your phone numer so I might call to confirm you’re receiving visitors.

    Everyone in the club is concerned about you and send their best wishes to you. Please let me know if I can do anything for you. Hopefully, you’ll be able to drink a Jamba Juice smashed pumpkin smoothie before they stop selling them for another year after Thanksgiving. Remember that I told you about them last year? It’s like drinking a pumpkin pie thru a straw. YUM YUM! I’ll gladly bring one to you when you can swallow again.

    Everyone is pulling for your quick and total recovery. Don Hoover (253-381-5292 cell)

  2. Gary Feldbau says:

    Kathy Willis told me of your accident and fianlly got your blog from EJ yesterday and had a chance to read what you had written. So sorry for what happened. So hopeful for your recovery. Joy and I send our best to you and Cheryl. Gary.

  3. Grant McLaughlin says:

    We send you our prayers and hopes for a speedy and complete recovery.

    Grant and Diantha

  4. Vicki M says:

    I just ended up with central cord syndrome. I found your blog, while looking for info. It’s been really informative and encouraging to know others are just as confused as I am!

  5. Fred Host says:

    Sir you are inspirational.

  6. Pieter Wilfried says:

    Thanks for the blog. I have central cord syndrome myself since a bicycle accident spring 2011. I enjoyed reading your story.

  7. Rita Durand says:

    Decided to check out your blog and see how you were doing. I seem to have been dropped since I didn’t subscribe some time. Don’t drop me. I’m still interested in your thoughts and activities. We are doing well. We even took an enjoyable trip to Orcas Island last week. Today I’m remembering our traditional Fourths of so looooooooog ago.


  8. Al says:

    Rita – thanks for checking in…here are my two favorite memories of those 4th of July picnics:
    – When I was about 5 or 6, Harry told me we’d be going to a picnic. I asked what we’d be doing there, and he said, Oh, I suspect we’ll be playing Bad Men. So I dressed up in my Roy Rogers outfit with pistol and holster/belt. I was very disappointed when I saw all the older folks playing “Bad Men” with rackets and little plastic “birdies”!
    – And, of course, leaving the picnic en masse in cars to a nearby golf course, where we’d spread out blankets on a knoll and watch (and FEEL) the fireworks. That was my favorite part of all, when the biggest ones would just go “BOOM” all the way into the solar plexus.

    Leigh and I were just together in our house in Colorado, and visited Harry and Ida at their beautiful gravesite in Hidden Valley, where we can look across the valley up to where their homesite was. we are now 1.5 miles down the road from there, but still love every minute of the time we get to go to Snowmass, the place that seems most like home to me, and for which I forever thank my father.
    All three of our kids are living in Seattle, so visiting with them is fun and easy. I’m starting to think about when I should shut down my doctor career. I suspect it may be within the next twelve months or so.
    I wish both you and Harlan well, Cheryl says hi, and thanks for remembering us.


  9. Leigh Weatherwax says:

    Please subscribe me to receive notice of any and all posts.

    Let’s see if it works this time. 🙂
    Your Sis

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