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Old Dog, New Tricks – I

Two years ago, we started seeing running “power meters” appear for sale. Several modalities were tried. One used force sensors in an insole to be placed in a shoe. Another used accelerometers in a chest strap. Finally, a little footpod … Continue reading

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Bay of Crabs – II

I pulled out of Giron with Yoany, Tony and John. The narrow two lane road out of town hugged the coastline for 25 km the entire way to Playa Larga at the head of the bay. To our right, a … Continue reading

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Particpant or Racer?

Someone on the EN forum posted about his ineptitude at grade school sports. Here’s my reply: I had a bipolar athletic experience in grade school. Due to an Unfortunate Series of Events, I first encountered the 4th grade mid-year as … Continue reading

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How To Have An Epic Bike Camp – In Five Easy Lessons

EN asked me for 1,000 words to put int their blog, about this month’s At T ‘Tude Camp. Here it is: How To Have An Epic Training Camp — In Five Easy Lessons: For several years, I’ve been hosting Endurance … Continue reading

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Al T ‘Tude Bad Ass Camp Athlete’s Guide

June 2-12, I’m hosting a dozen athletes at my home in Snowmass for a week long frenzy of biking and running. Springtime in the Rockies. Here is the preview I gave to them: Base Camp: My family’s home in Snowmass … Continue reading

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Chair Lift Stories III

“Where are we going to go next?” Sitting on the Sheer Bliss lift between my son and wife, I felt warmth from both the high-altitude sun and familial camaraderie. Two days since the last snow, everything was open, soft and … Continue reading

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Out With The Old, In With The New

[copy of a post to EN Forum today] The intent of this thread is to encourage folks to review their past year in training and racing, and report goals for the coming year. Not intended as simply a summary of … Continue reading

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High Hamstring Tendonopathy

On the EN forum, the issue of high hamstring tendon injury was raised. I’ve had this on both sides over the past year, so I contributed: I’m going to share my own experience with this over the past 14 months, … Continue reading

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Going to Tibet – Concluded

I’ve just concluded my final packing run-through and am about to button up my airline bag. Here’s how it’s going, bottom to top as packed for the plane… Outer Outer Bag: Eagle Creek “No Matter What” Flashpoint Rolling Duffel, Large … Continue reading

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Responding to Radical Jihadist Terror – II

Those closest to ISIS must take the lead in expunging them from the planet: Turkey, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, EU; getting them on the same page requires patience and diligent leadership. This is not a far-fetched dream of unicorns. … Continue reading

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