Spring Training, Update #1

Returning back to this thread while in a “lull” between volume pops. My spring schedule has been:

  • Mini OS mid Feb-Mid Mar
  • 12 days x 100 km/day in Cuba end of March
  • 3 Weeks of HIM flavored prep work aimed at 3K/120K/30K A race end of August
  • 5 days at the Blue Ridge Camp
  • 5 days to travel, swim, and recoup
  • 9 days of biking and running along the So Cal coast LA & SD
  • 5 days hammering with Cronk and Tallo…

During that time, swimming suffered, meaning I got in 35,000 meters in 21 sessions over the past three months. Enough to keep my form up, but certainly no fitness improvement. I *was* able to get in volume biking, 48 cycling sessions, 1700 miles (8 hours, 120 miles/week avg) and 4-6 days of running each week.

At present, I am as I said in a “lull”, which means I am faithfully following the EN Int HIM plan with an end date of Aug 27. Then one final week of volume biking with maybe one swim session, and 5 runs (but three of them in a 24 hour period!).

When I get back home, I’ll try to remember to examine my Strava and TP/WKO fitness charts, to see what if anything I can learn from this.

Just a reminder, a schedule like this requires acute and constant attention to nutrition, hydration, recovery and fatigue monitoring. It is *very* easy to dig and fall into a hole doing stuff like this. So far, so good…

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