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Modifying Training For Aging…

I’m altering my training plan in deference to the increasing need for recovery as I get older. Without knowing what the best approach might be, I started out by putting myself on a 10 day, rather than a 7 day … Continue reading

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Old Dog, New Tricks – II

Zwift is an indoor cycling training tool, disguised as a video game which uses a bike trainer as the controller. In recent months, it has reached critical mass, with word of mouth generating an acceleration in new users. I’m one … Continue reading

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Piriformis Sciatica

I’ve been going through piriformis/sciatica issues for the past year. It was a one time event in mid-Dec ’16, when I tried to do some fast intervals and immediately felt it in my butt. It took about 2 months before … Continue reading

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Old Dog, New Tricks – I

Two years ago, we started seeing running “power meters” appear for sale. Several modalities were tried. One used force sensors in an insole to be placed in a shoe. Another used accelerometers in a chest strap. Finally, a little footpod … Continue reading

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Running in Oaxaca – II

A few days after our walk up into the Cerro del Fontin, Cheryl surprised me by getting up when I did, a little after six. Sunrise was 7:20, and I had been heading out for my morning runs along the … Continue reading

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